Stingrey Classic

Rey Ronquilio held off a slew of great competitors to win the 2003 Mr. USA lighweight championship title. Rey also won his class at the 2002 Masters National Championships and was in the running for that overall championships. Returning to an open contest and beating plenty of younger competitors just showed that age is only a number in bodybuilding when you’ve reached the caliber that Ronquilio has. He scored a near unanimous win in the prejudging and did get unanimous votes during the finals. Rey always comes in top condition and is a threat on the national-level with his symmetry and muscle fullness. His physique harkens back to the likes of Mr. Olympia Frank Zane. Look for him to dominate this class in the future – this is an article written in the November/December 2003 issue of the NPC news magazine.
As a young athlete driven to building his body, Rey loved helping others to get fit and reach their goals so he became a a certified personal trainer for Golds Gym in 1991. Though he understood how to change his body through exercise, he realized there was a missing link that most trainers and bodybuilders did not yet understand…nutrition and supplementation. Rey became a certified nutrition tech in 1992 and his clients began to reach their fitness goals much more quickly while maintaining their results year after year.
In 1994 Rey entered his first bodyuilding contest and won the overall title – he was now hooked on competing. In 1995 he won 2 more competitions in Hawaii, one of those contest being a national qualifier. Rey has been competing at a national level since 1996. He has made the top 5 at nine national competitions (3 of those finishing as a runner-up).
Rey has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. As a former District Fitness Manager for 24 Hour Fitness, Rey was responsible for 8 clubs, 8 fitness managers, and over 100 trainers in the Hawaii region. He is currently the Regional Sales Manager of Honstudios (a marketing and advertising Agency) and is involved with multiple business adventures. One of his current projects include an informative/interactive fitness website called www.reyronquilio.com. He is also involved with a 1st class fitness calendar, featuring top physiques around the world called “PHYSEEKS.” Be on the lookout for his upcoming bodybuilding, fitness, and figure contest called the “Stingrey Classic.” This is a national qualifier for all open categories.